The Pen is Mightier than the Sword (part 2)

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(In continuation from last post)

The pen is certainly mighty. However, as mighty as the pen is, it is nothing without its words. The power of potential has no expression until it is manifest in some outer form. It needs a vehicle to communicate.

It’s true that words limit the pen, and painting limits the art. But what’s the point of potential? Why were we given abilities? Why is a pen a pen?

A pen is a pen to write words. We have potential in order to express ourselves. Is it our true self? Impossible. But it’s as close as we can get.

We are unique, subjective individuals. They say everyone sees colors differently. In a similar vein, I can describe any scene that I visualize in my mind and you will conjure up an entirely different image in your mind, no matter how detailed my description. That’s the extent of the communication ability we were given. It’s a morse-code version of what we really want to say. We enclose our thoughts and emotions into a medium of words for the other person to unpackage, and we hope they understand us.

We are meant to communicate. Is a writer still a writer if he doesn’t write? What if the musician retires? You can say that they are no longer expressing that part of themselves, and that potential has no outlet. Of course, we are much more than our expressions, untouchable beyond what we communicate. But we are given abilities of expression as gifts. Now is the time to discover how best to use them.


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