What Color is This Dress?

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You know… the whole Blue Dress Thing.

I’m kidding, I really mean the GOLD Dress Thing.

The point is, it’s everywhere. If you’re connected to the internet, you’ve probably seen this question being asked. What color do you see in this dress?, along with a picture of a dress that’s either blue and black or gold and white, along with the scientific explanation of why people see things a certain way. Either because of low exposure and high saturation, or being you’re such a terribly positive person that you see the good in everything. Or something to that effect.


Also, what color is this dress?

If you see it as black and white, you might have a high IQ.

If you see it as black and white, you might have a high IQ.

I’d make that into a meme for the internet world, but why bother? Because here’s the thing: it will all go away. I guarantee it. It’s one of those things that you might remember in a year from now if someone brings it up. Maybe. Probably not.

But you have to marvel at how it got so big, so fast.

It’s not like the idea of people seeing color differently is a novel one.

It’s not the most fascinating thing out there. It’s not even close.

Yet, you can Google search just the word ‘dress’ and have at least 5 results discussing the ‘mystery’ and the ‘internet craze’. I don’t want to read about ‘solving the debate’, and the ‘scientific explanation’. I just want to shop for a blue and gold dress, alright?

Seriously though, what’s going on? Have we lost our minds? How much time has been spent, and how many words exchanged (including this post) as a result of this ridiculous color quiz? Don’t we have better things to be doing?

The silver lining here (or possibly charcoal, if you are left-brained) is that we see what social media can do.Yes, it’s weak. We already know all about viral videos and cat memes. We know about Ice Bucket Challenges and selfies. And we know that we can spread good ideas too. We know that technology and instantaneous communication is saving the world. Haha, so positive. Go home folks, and change the world from your desktop computer.

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