Typo is a student project to create the branding and advertising for a fictional wine brand, aimed at a younger crowd, but not exclusively. Based on the name, I chose a typographic logo and kept it simple. I wanted the focus to be on the names of the wine varieties specifically, where I spelled “merlot” incorrectly (“merlow”), and I added the red underline. Oops. Lets you know what type of brand it is. Minimalist black and white, with an unapologetic propensity for clever mistakes. The headlines in the ads reflect that, fostering a sense of professional lack of propriety, implying intentional attitude, which should appeal to the target audience. Each ad focuses on a slightly different demographic, but kept vague enough as not to alienate any others.

Typo Presentation Typo Presentation2 Typo Presentation3 Typo Presentation4 Typo Presentation5

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